Bunnies on Broad Street

“Bunnies on Broad Street” is a book developed locally that creates a story that takes children and families around our Olde Town streets on a scavenger hunt to discover a series of unique bunny sculptures whose stories are told in the book, looking for Lulu, the adventurous little bunny. This book and activity invites visitors and local families downtown to enjoy the guided hunt as well as our downtown. Be sure to start your scavenger hunt at the Grove City Community Library, 125 W. Main Street. When you take your pictures, be sure to post them with the #findlulubunny on Facebook and Instagram.  Follow Lulu and Bunnies on Broad Street on Facebook. You can purchase "Bunnies on Broad Street and Lulu the Bunny" at b'gifted in Olde Town, 216 S. Broad Street.


About the sculptures: Bill Secunda, local Butler artist, is a nationally-renowned artist and the creator of our bunny sculptures. Several of Bill's life-like sculptures were installed at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh and at Disney's Epcot. He also created three large insect sculptures for the St. Louis Zoo as well as several twelve-foot steel cockroaches climbing the ABC Pest Control building in Dallas. Learn more about Bill on his website: billsecundastudios.com. The sculptures are around 3 feet high, and will be permanently placed around Olde Town, including an “Oakley” Kelly Bunny that will have his own high-flying airplane above Broad Street near Joden Jeweler’s! Lulu activities will be part of ongoing Olde Town events as well; we can’t wait to see what Lulu wears for Merchant Trick or Treat!


The profits for the books and merchandise go to support Olde Town sustainability.

Thank you to Cashdollar & Associates, LLC, for their generosity in sponsoring "Bunnies on Broad Street"